Surtex 2015 – We did it!!

Surtex 2015 - We did it!!

Well we did it!!
We’ve just returned from Surtex trade show in NYC and the whole experience was entertaining, amazing and successful!
We met so many talented artists, fellow exhibitors and have acquired connections to some fabulous new business opportunities. It was also lovely to meet our neighbours Kelly Ventura, Marian Nixon and Kate Austin!!

Thank you so much to everyone who visited our booth, and we look forward to working with you in the future.
Here’s a few photos of our Booth – which turned out pretty well thanks to The Graphical Tree in London for printing our lovely banners. Our product mockups really helped to sell our concepts so thanks again to Clothvsona for making our cushions and scarves.

And last but not least thanks to Emerald Expositions, GES and the Surtex team for such a great show. Special thanks has to go to the electrician who swiftly dealt with the electrical fire two booths down!

We also have a few pics of our time in NYC, the wonderful buildings and amazing restaurants.
Top tip for exhibitors – if you want to take your banners on the flight with you rather than ship them over first – use a snowboarding bag!!! That’s what we did!

Here’s to a fantastic year to everyone involved – look forward to seeing you all there next year!

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