Victoria Secret Fashion Show

Victoria Secret Fashion Show

London hosted the Victoria’s Secret lingerie show for the first time this year, featuring more outfits than ever before. In total there were 6 different style categories : Gilded Angels, Exotic Traveller, Dream Girl, Fairy Tale, University Of Pink and Angel Ball. One of our favourite ranges was the Gilded Angels, which opened the event to an incredible start showing beautiful couture pieces, each girl gliding down the runway having being blessed with the notorious heavenly wings. The gorgeous model Candice showed off her real feather wings which were individually covered in gold leaf, paired with some limited edition gold chain ‘Gabo Angel Heels’ with Swarovski crystals lighting up her toned legs! Another highlight to the show was the University Of Pink, showcasing a funky and fresh vibe through the use of street art such as graffiti and vibrant colours, bringing the stage to life! We loved the build up to this event, with the release of the beautiful pencil sketches of the models in their lavish outfits earlier this year. To see how these sketches transformed into the actual outfits was incredible. A great example of this was the sketch of Alessandra drawn modelling her ‘Exotic Traveller’ inspired fantasy bra designed by Mouawad jewellers. She was depicted as a sparkling asian goddess laden in jewels (Click the link to view the pictures).

Seeing her on the run way with her co-star Adrianna really highlighted the detail that has gone into these extravagantly designed outfits, covered in rubies, diamonds and sapphires rounding up to the sweet price of $2 million. It is fair to say that these two girls were the sparkling stars of the show!

A fantastic show all round, dazzling us all.

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