Top 5 creative hotspots to visit in London

Top 5 creative hotspots to visit in London

Our ‘inspiration’ day started off really well with the London sunshine!

It was refreshing to get out the office, explore new exhibitions, have a coffee and cake break at a lovely bakery and generally get inspired with our beautiful city!


So, we have listed our top 5 creative hotspots to visit in London.


  1. One creative hotspot is of course Anthropology – It was great to see a mixed media approach across ceramics. We always want to buy everything! AW18 is all about paint textures and strokes and we loved seeing these come through. Portraits are also key which featured on some plates, which teamed well with vase still life placements. The textures and brush strokes where large scale giving it a romantic feel. Parisian artwork seemed to be popular with beautiful placements and prints.




  1. Japan Centre – Japanese themed artwork has been a consistent trend and continues to be strong. Walking around at lunchtime was busy, but the smell of freshly cooked noodles and broth made us feel really welcome. The colours and details of the packaging were vibrant and inspiring. Great place to buy any Asian market magazines.


  1. National Portrait Gallery – We visited the Chris Olifi exhibition, which was truly impressive. He collaborated with the internationally renowned Dovecot Tapestry studio to see his design translated into a handwoven tapestry. The artwork reflects classical mythology, magic and beauty. We also went to see Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and some of Monet’s paintings.




  1. Ole & Steen – Quick stop off for a bit of cake and tea! Also, nice to rest your feet and make some notes. With the beautiful simple Danish design of the store it’s hard not to relax and enjoy your freshly baked cake, watching the world go by….




  1. Matisse in the studio – As a fan of Matisse, I couldn’t contain my excitement as we walked into the Royal Academy of arts courtyard! The exhibition consisted of different artwork from nudes, to portraiture and collage. It was fascinating to see real still life objects in reality. You almost felt like you were walking into one of his paintings. We went in the afternoon which was very busy, so not sure if a morning slot would be better. So, if you are thinking about booking then take action and buy your ticket today. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.




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