Pop-up Galleries

Pop-up Galleries

We”ve been hearing about these pop up galleries for quite some time but never actually seen one until last week when we spotted two! One on New Oxford Street – the first solo show of Mr Brainwash aka Thierry Guetta.

We particularly loved the Mickey Mouse made from coke cans and the Kate Moss mural on the exterior of the gallery ( actually the old New Oxford Street sorting office.)

The exhibition is on during the Olympics so if you”ve not seen it already then you”ve missed it! That”s pop ups for you!

The second gallery is just around the corner from Dot Dash Towers in Southgate. Aptly named, SPACE is the joint venture of artist Fionn Wilson and photographer Gosia Stasiewicz. Their manifesto is –

“Beauty is in the Street”

“SPACE aims to forge links with the local community and to encourage creativity. We see art, in all its guises, as a way to transcend the mundane. We have a particular interest in street art and outsider art. The gallery itself is a raw, exciting and extensive space, which is in a state of constant flux.”

We”ll definitely be popping in over the next few weeks!

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  1. Hello dot dash design!! Thanks for noticing us. We’d love to see you at SPACE and may even make you a cup of tea!!
    Fionn 🙂

    • Hi Fionn!
      We’ll definately pop down soon. Hows it all going? Love to learn more about your project. That cuppa sounds good too!

  2. Best wishes!Your blog is very good!

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