Patterns of Magnificence

Patterns of Magnificence

I’d seen the posters advertising The Patterns of Magnificence for some time so when I heard it was closing soon I made my way over there as soon as I could! The exhibition showcased more than forty traditional Greek costumes. These included richly embroidered designs from Astypalaia in the Dodecanse, ornate jewellery from Stefanoviki in Thessaly and brocaded outfits from Jannina in Epirus.


Most of the costumes dated back from the late 18th century to the middle of the 19th century. They ranged from colourful kaftans layered with velvet jackets intricately embroidered with gold thread. The bridal costumes were amazing with a bodice of fine silk with gold embroidery. The headdress trimmed with gold matching that of the belt and mules.


Fashion has been very familiar with the use of classic Greek lines and sculptural use of fabrics. Designers like John Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier have been inspired by the Greek design tradition over the years.


What an amazing exhibition! Glad I got to it in time!


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