Dot Dash Skydive

Dot Dash Skydive

Dot Dash Design’s Christa Mavroudis skydives in Dubai to raise funds for The Light Fund.


The Light Fund is the UK licensing industry’s charity and is a focal point for fundraising in the industry; its proceeds go to a variety of charities and good causes.  Dot Dash Design were really excited to be supporting The Light Fund and really appreciated the support from family and friends in the industry!


Christa said before the skydive, ‘I thought this would be a great opportunity to raise money for the light fund and it’s a cause I’ve always wanted to contribute to since setting up Dot Dash Design. I always imagined that I would be doing something a little less terrifying than jumping out of a plane for charity, but I’ve convinced myself now so no looking back!! So to everyone in the industry, friends, family and colleagues please make this jump worthwhile and donate to help me meet my target of £1,000’.


I am really pleased to say that I managed to beat my target and raised a total of £1105 🙂

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