David Bailey’s Stardust

David Bailey's Stardust

David Bailey is one our favorites and we just loved his new Stardust exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. It features over 250 images of actors, writers, filmmakers, designers, musicians, models, artists and people he met through his travels.


We loved the room named after his wife, which included images of her modeling as well as extremely personal images of her giving birth. He captures the emotion, which is extremely moving.


In the Black and White Icons section we came across the image of Joaquin Cortes dancing and suddenly smiled. It’s such a beautiful photograph. We also found ourselves smiling at the humorous self-portrait with Dali.


It was also great to see photographs that had never been seen publicly, one of which was a silhouette profile of Man Ray in 1968.


The glass cabinets with the mementoes of his early life were great to see including covers of hit records, magazines and parachuting certificates.


It was well worth a visit and if you haven’t seen it yet, book your ticket as it ends on 1st June 2014.


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