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Thought this was quite funny! Like the naive animation style. Put us in mind of ‘Crystal Tipps and Alistair’ (showing our age a bit there!)  

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Patterns of Magnificence

I’d seen the posters advertising The Patterns of Magnificence for some time so when I heard it was closing soon I made my way over there as soon as I could! The exhibition showcased more than forty traditional Greek costumes. These included richly embroidered designs…

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We like a bit of Banksy-esque graffitti  here at DDD Towers but we were surprised to find this during our walk through the village today! Wonder if the runny nose was due to the cold?

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Window Displays

We think it’s important to be punctual for meetings at Dot Dash Design, so its lovely when we are early as it’s a great excuse to indulge ourselves with a bit of window-shopping! Whilst around London this week, bright eyed and bushy tailed, we spotted…

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NYC Fashion Week

We’re old enough to remember fashion week in times gone by (can you hear our old bones creaking!?) when as students we’d hang around Olympia hoping to blag our way into the odd fashion show.  Despite not having business cards (though we did mock some…

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