BLE Through a Rookie’s Eyes

BLE Through a Rookie's Eyes

Our two new recruits Katie and Paloma visited BLE for the first time ever last week. Here’s what they thought of our vibrant and somewhat bonkers industry show….

‘Colourful, lively and inspiring sums up our time at BLE! A fun day packed with walking life-size characters, meeting influential members of the industry and attending insightful talks. From all the stands that were there we felt the strongest included Nickelodeon, because of their playful approach from funky typography to the open shelving with a variety of products on show. 20th Century Fox also grabbed our attention with the clever integration of the scenery from the Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart shop, proudly standing as a life size model allowing a fun and interactive experience (we even had time for a bit of role play…!) We LOVED ‘SO SO Happy’ from Entertainment One. They showcased their cohesive Japanese styled range on an array of products from handbags to socks – but their leggings are what did it for us. A fun street look created by  a vibrant condensed doodle pattern covering the garment! Another license with a Japanese feel that stood out was the Korean based ‘Funny Eve’. Featuring an abundance of cute, melt your heart characters partnered with a soft colour palette that left a sweet taste in your mouth! They had a lovely promotional booklet reflecting their identity which really stuck in our minds. Other ‘standout’ licenses included The Beano (we all want a pair of those DM’s) and Joey and Joy.  Overall a really insightful day, opening our eyes to the rest of the licensing world. It really highlighted the most popular trends around as well as what is to come, and to top it off we were handed a glass of Champagne to accompany some industry sized socialising! A great end to an amazing day!

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