BLE 17

BLE 17

BLE 2017

Well that’s it for another year and we have a slight feeling of post BLE blues here at Dot Dash Towers. Good though wasn’t it? Here’s some of our hi-lights –


THE Queue!


‘This can’t be for me,’ I chuckled as I came out of Olympia station and saw the queue that stretched from BLE doors to said station exit. So, naturally I made my way up to the entrance with an air of the queen on walkabout saying “Good morning,” “Lovely day!”  And “Have you come far?” to various (stony faced) people en route. Internally I was wincing and thinking ‘Why are people SO dis-organised? They’ve had months and months to register.’ Only to get to the doors to be told to “Get to the back of the que mate. There’s no concessions for weirdos!” (or words to that effect.)


Now…I’ve never done an early morning ‘walk of shame’ (Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!) but I now think I know how that feels as I walked back down to the end of the queue – red face tucked under one arm like a severely introverted budgie and occasionally murmuring ‘I thought I saw my friend!’


The Lurgy!


Probably not a hi-light as such but I’m afraid I have to fess up and say that it was me that spread the cold bug across the whole show! I turned up on day one like a bag of mucus in false eyelashes and got worse across the three days. I did make a valiant effort to keep it to myself but now we’re in the age of the hug and kiss (often from people with only a passing acquaintance!) most people had thrown themselves onto me before I could warn them off

(that reads like I’m showing off – I’m not!) I did take to screaming “GET OFF ME!” a few times but that just made me look unsociable. So anyway…soz!


The ‘Mood’


Wasn’t it good this year? Not that it’s ever bad at BLE…I mean how could it be? But this year we felt a real uplift in the atmosphere generally. It seemed busier – even on the last day there was still a bit of a ‘buzz.’ I think also that in ‘real life’ we have Brexit (whichever way you voted it’s becoming a bit messy and scary!) we have the tragedy that is Syria and we have a mad US president goading a mad North Korean leader – hell we could all be dead tomorrow so let’s just get on with it and party! In fact I saw Andrew Carley and Mark Kingston ‘vogueing’ in the MTV bar AT 10.30 IN THE MORNING! Or maybe I imagined that?


The Product


Licensed product has become seriously cool! Of course we’ve all known this for years but this year some of the product on display was beyond beyond! Some stands showing product of note included Nickelodeon who made all their brands painfully desirable , Hasbro – the Jeremy Scott colab…nuff said, Warner Bros THAT gorgeous Wonder Woman accessories range and Cartoon Networks extensive Power Puff Girls and Ben 10 ( still around…still fab!) ranges.


The Madness


On showing some pictures of me with the Teletubbies and Noddy at last years BLE to my family they asked “But what are they doing…why are they there?” and I was a bit stumped, “They just are,” I replied lamely. Obviously they’re publicising the brands and licensors stands etc but isn’t it just great to get a hug from Tatty Teddy or have Tinky Winky point at your outfit and give you the thumbs up or turn a corner and have a play fight with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

During a meeting at the end of day one, Zippy from Rainbow (of course!) came over the intercom to tell us the show was closing and to make our way out. We all looked at each other and agreed ‘normal people’ just wouldn’t believe this could actually happen!


So yes – the madness of it all is definitely the main attraction and lets us all slip into an alternative universe for three days albeit working hard and playing hard. I bet they didn’t have this much fun at VEGFEST!

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